Our current promotion is 20% Discount for any Power Rangers items with code PRPROMO. And 25% Discount for any Rider items with code KRPROMO. Offer valid from March 1st until March 25, 2018

As you might already know, many of the non slot and regular orders before October 2017 are delayed. We constantly improving our services since the day we start “Aniki Cosplay” almost 13 years ago. On behalf of the new management here in Aniki Cosplay, we would like to apologize for the long wait time and unpleasant delay for your order. The management has decided to give compensation for all delayed orders based on the length of the delay. This will be our standard SOP from March 2018 onwards. So if your commissions is delayed, you will be compensated. We have also update our Terms and Conditions. Thank you

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