Positive Changes for Aniki Cosplay

Positive Changes for Aniki Cosplay

HAPPY POWER RANGERS DAY and 25th ANNIVERSARY from All of Us in Aniki Cosplay

We have an announcement to make, this month we finally *finished* all Pending Orders up to ready for Painting step. Orders from May 2018 up to August 2018 are still in the casting process and will enter smoothing soon too.
By Ready for Painting means that your Helmets, has been finished smoothing, installed clasp and already got base coat primary paint. The smoothing and preparing a helmet for paint is the longest process needed to make a Helmets and/or Costumes. As always, you can check with our Customer Service Staff about your order and request progress photos as usual. We always reply in 24 hours except on weekends.
The bad news is we are a little bit behind on painting. Because Painting is the most detailed work, and it needs to be perfect and have no flaws. There are a long queue for painting, so we ask for your cooperations and understanding on this matter. We are trying as fast and best as we can. Thank you

Another one is because we are an official licensed company by Saban/Hasbro now, we are slowly changing our business into making pre-made helmets instead of accepting made to order commissions. This way we can serve you more faster and better. No more months waiting, but you will still get the same quality of our products. We are still in the migrating process so the realization could take a few more months ahead, but as of right now, due to the licensing fees and royalties, we need to raise our pricing a little bit, but in return we cut our turnaround time to 45 days for helmet and 60-90 days for Costume set. This is possible because we have finished all pending orders as explained above, and we have a lot of workers now caused by the pending orders. We will accept order via Ebay and/or Etsy, so that you can get extra protections, and there are also a feedback system there. Or you can still order directly from our website and Facebook as usual. Please beware that now our Order Cut Off date is 25th every month. Contact us if you want to place order via Ebay/Etsy or have any questions.

Last, we need to upgrade our Paint Workshop which now are very limited, and very “traditional”, that is why the long queue. If we can move to another Paint facilities we can paint faster and serve you better. That is why we are considering to open and accept Funding for this. So far we have plans to accept funding and reward funders with Helmets/Costumes by raffle. More on this matter when we are ready.

We thank you for your continuous support during these 13 years since we began, we really cannot do this if not for the support from the Fandom. GO!GO! POWER RANGERS!!!

Renaldy Pilipus
Aniki Cosplay Owner & CEO

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