ATTENTION: This is not a toy and is not suitable for children. This Helmet is meant for COSPLAY/Collection purposes only and does not offer protection. Please DO NOT use this as a Motorcycle Helmet.

SCREEN ACCURACY & QUALITY :This helmet has been sculpted as accurately as possible by our Sculptors. Hundreds of Hours have been spent for research, we use many sources of references such as the Original Stunt Helmets (if available), 3D Modelling, Magazine and Books Scan, Pictures from the Internet, Toys and any other references we can find to create this helmet. Our Craftsmen did not use any machinery in the manufacturing process, all are made and crafted by their “Artisan” hands and we always maintain a high level and multiple Quality Control process to ensure that you will get the most accurate, true to screen helmet as possible.

Not only is this helmet a highly detailed true-to-life replica you can display, but it is also a fully wearable for adults. Our helmet is made of FRP (fiberglass) and has a padded interior that can fit heads up to around size 23-24″ US (depending on your head shape and size). Because we aim to create a screen accurate helmet, therefore all of our helmet sizing is based on the Japanese original helmet, which is usually intended to be used for a Male Asian Stuntman, with Asian sized head. This explains why some of our helmets are usually on the smaller size and usually have a very tight fit. You can try to remove the paddings inside to make more room if needed.
Each helmet also includes our Specially made pouch to make sure that it is not damaged in storage or can be used if you want to bring the helmet anywhere.

Please note, since these are handcrafted and handmade products we cannot guarantee that the finish of the ordered product will be exactly as the same as pictured. Imperfections or variations in the weathering, clear coat or color coat may occur due to the nature of the hand-painted finishes. These are not viewed as damages or defects. And usually it is barely noticeable at all, if such a situation happened Please note that images of products displayed on the website may differ in color due to differences in resolution, color settings, and brightness of computer monitors.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURN & REFUNDS. You can find additional information about our REFUND POLICY and SHIPPING POLICY in our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

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