Shipping List 06.09.2017

Shipping List 06.09.2017

Shipping list :
Hector Marquin, Adam Cook, Bruce McCowan, Samuel Harrisson, Andrew Nguyen, Eric Sedeno, Wendy Layne, Kyle Cherry,Justin Reese, Corry Cohen, Jason Davies, Christina Carvalho, Dennis Gulyas, John Kue, Eddie Botello, George Bosquez, Joshua Blankenbaker, Richard Benedict, Legna Rodriguez, Michael McNeal, Sebastien Victorin, Abe Shinya, Lewis Lilly, Mark de Guzman, Malcolm Gonzalez, Christian Vichy, Noah Kohn / Ryan Smith, Tou Yia Lor, Richard Kingdon, John Diaz, Gregory Wright, Shinohara Shotaro, Tyquan Jackson, Arman Changizi, Tim Scheinder, Kao Her, Ryan Garrett, Jonathan Mc Lean, Leng Yang, Luis Balao, Lucas Legath, Tony Wong, Johny Mak, Jonathan Jordan, Justin Doto, David Hanes,Hermillo Javier, SS, Corry Worrell, Cameron Alford, Darren Gian,Tee Yang and Jesse Hogans

Another shipment coming soon for those not included yet.
We will e-mail the tracking numbers once it is available. For most of the US address, tracking numbers will be available after it has been forwarded by our US rep. And as usual, if you have any complaints or problems, please send us a message. Thanks very much

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