We are Aniki Cosplay

We are a Costumes/ Prop makers team that specialized in making Japanese Tokusatsu (Live Action Heroes) including but not limited to Sentai, Kamen Riders and Power Rangers. With around almost 10 years experience, our creations has been known especially in the power rangers fandom in the United States and other regions. Well known PR actors such as Jason David Frank, Austin St John, Nakia Burrise among a few others has also praised and own a piece of our works for their personal collections.

All of the costumes or props are hand crafted and hand made, and we put a lot of efforts into details, to make each as accurate as possible. That is why we do not and never make any stocks of all of the items. Everything is commission based order, with turnaround time ranging from 3-8 Months on average.


ANIKI COSPLAY has been serving Fans all over the world since 2005.

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